Friday, May 13, 2011

(116 & 117) Blogger Fail

It wasn't my fault a post didn't happen yesterday.
I went to work on the day 116 post and i saw this:
yah..not cool failed

Moving on from this...

Day 116: Thursday
UMMMM....I didn't go to bed until 4:50 am
my stomach was upset, my allergies had gone crazy, and i had dr. pepper late at night
This combination did me in
I watched some movies and explored the internet for hours
Eventually I gave up and went downstairs and slept on the couch
(me and my allergies don't get along when im in my room)
I woke up at 8:20 am. wow 3.5 hours of sleep. Is that a new personal record for a school day?
I poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my laptop, and a stack of textbooks and headed next door to work on my take home exam.
i went back home around 11am
I left for class at 12:40
in class i did my presentation
i was so out of it for all the other peoples
and mine was a blur
i got home at 4pm
took a brief nap
at 5:30 i went back to school for my new zealand meeting.
i got back home at 8:30
continued working on my take home exam
went to bed around 11pm

Day 117: Friday
woke up at 8am
finished my take home exam
attempted printing it at 10am
ran out of ink 2 pages in...FAIL
emailed a copy to my professor
left the house at 10:40 to go to school
missed the first bus
caught the 2nd bus, 10 min. later
my ipod died...i heard "battery low"for the last few days i ignored it
went to my professors office
she didn't get my email
went to the horn center to print this exam
Had quite the learning took almost 30 minutes( i didn't know what i was doing)
finally got it printed
turned it in
saw debbie giving a tour to some kiddos
worked out at the gym
sweat my frustration away...without music
left the gym
ran into eddie
barely missed the bus
had 40 min to waste
ate lunch at carls jr
rode the very crowded bus home
i stood most of the way
got home and rested
took a shower
at a little bite to eat
went to the movies with carolyn
Water For Elephants....finally
it was so good
Im glad i was able to see it while it was still in theaters
well worth $10.75
Yes the book was better, but isn't every book better than the movie
they did a wonderful job bring the book to life
got home around 10pm
had a glass of wine and ate vegetarian lasagna 
(i have no idea how long it had been in the freezer)
It was ok, not the greatest, it served its purpose of filling my hungry stomach
watched tv
went to bed 

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