Sunday, May 15, 2011

(118) I'm getting really good at...

...wasting my saturdays

I suppose i waste most days, but i seem to get the least done on saturdays.
The problem is that by the time this day comes around, I am so unmotivated to get things taken care of.

So what exactly did i do with my saturday?

*slept in til 8:40
*drank coffee 
(i suppose this should go without saying...but i love it so much that i always include it)
*watched multiple episodes of one tree hill
*explored etsy
*had fun on polyvore
*took all the money out of my piggy bank (i've been saving for 45weeks)

*Mom helped me count it all and bind it up so that it is ready to deposit
*cooked lunch
bow tie pasta with a cherry tomato topping/sauce made with: 
*ate way to much pasta...i felt pasta wasted
*i thought about starting my 8 page paper (due tues.), but i ignored it instead
*went outside to see what my parents were up to in the garden/pond area
*got ready for work
*worked from 4-11pm
*ate enchiladas at home
*watched tv: Sarah's House and Secrets from a Stylist
*set up coffee for tomorrow
*went to bed

See, not very productive. I am truly good at wasting time. If only that skill could get me somewhere in life. Unfortunately, laziness is not an asset.

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