Sunday, May 29, 2011

(132) A Full Day

Today has been non-stop...But so much has been done.

Around 9:45 Erin and I started moving stuff  into her new apartment.
We made multiple trips to and from her car and to and from her house and apt.

Around 4 we went back to her house to get ready for Glee Live

we headed to LA and got some food before we went to the concert.
We ate at a food network recommended restaurant that happened to be in a sketch area
Nickel Diner
But it was a really neat place

Next we headed for staples center
-chose not to park in the lot and found a cheaper place on the street. (valet parking)

I have so many photos, but i will just share a few (or way more than a few)
Don't stop believin'
Dog days are over
Born this way

Loser like me

(fake ending)

Somebody to love

(real ending)

Here is the list of songs performed (not necessarily in this order)
1. Don't Stop Believin' 2. Sing 3. Slave for you 4. Dog days are over 5. Fat Bottom Girl 6. Hold Your Hand 7. Pretty Young Thing (PTY) 8. Aint no way 9. Born this way 10. Fireworks
The Warblers took center stage
11. Teenage Dream 12. Silly love Songs 13. Raise your glass
14.Happy Days 15. Lucky 16. River Deep, Mountain High 17. Don't Rain on my Parade 18. Jesse's Girl 19. Valerie 20. Loser Like Me
Fake out ending
Came back out with more songs
21. Single Ladies 22. Friday 23. Safety Dance 24. Empire State of Mind
Officially closed it off with none other than...
25. Somebody to Love

It was a fabulous night.
And it was very well documented so i def. won't be forgetting it.

I am a Gleek and i love it.

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