Wednesday, May 25, 2011

(128 & 129) Raising and Saving

(128) Tuesday
-I slept in 
--no coffee...but had tea instead
I had a sore throat...the tea worked out well
-got showered and ready for the day
-watched tv and had compy time
-worked on a HW assignment
-checked my grades. 5/6 were posted all of them were A's
-gathered food for the tv taping fundraiser...snacks!
-3:15 Me, Mom, Tyler, and Chris headed out to studio city to watch State of Georgia get taped
-We stopped at carls jr on the way so that we wouldn't be starving during the show.
-when we got to the studio there were other people waiting to go into the studio...They were waiting to see the biggest loser live finale.
-We wanted to be part of that group
-Our job was to laugh and be a good audience
-The taping ended around 11pm
-we left with a shirt and the guys each got cheap sunglasses
-we were home around 11:45

(129) Wednesday
-woke up at 9:30
-had several cups of coffee
-caught up on the shows i recorded the night before (glee and american idol)
-caught up on blogs i follow
-worked out
-folded laundry
-cut coupons
-watched greys anatomy and one tree hill
-went to the bank to deposit money from my piggy bank

-mom and i went to the grocery store
spent $227, but saved over $100 (32% savings)
I love couponing
came home put groceries away
ate ice cream
turned on the american idol finale
dinner: baked potatoes with all the fixins

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