Wednesday, May 11, 2011

(114) Keeping Busy

Woke up at 6:40
had a cup of coffee
went next door to feed the cat (cat sitting for a couple of weeks)
watched morning news
got ready for my day
walked to the bus stop
talked to someone at the bus stop and on the bus
I love random non-creepy conversations with strangers
went to my 9:30 class
found out it was cancelled
went to the gym for a couple of hours
got lunch
worked on polyvore creations
went to dr. medoras office
class-watched 16 presentations
as i was leaving class, so were dr medora and two students. They were headed to a tv taping fundraiser for the new zealand trip. Originally I wasn't going to go cause i had no way to get there and wasn't sure if i would have the night off. But they had room in the car. SO i went extremely last minute. It worked out perfectly.
we got there at 4:30
the taping wasn't even done at 10:15 when we decided to leave.
we got back to school and people were dropped off at their cars.
we went on a hunt for one of the girls cars. (I had no idea how big some of the schools parking lots are)
Dr. Medora drove me home
I checked my dvr so that i could watch glee
It didn't record. FAIL
I was able to watch it online. WIN
Soon i will be going to bed.
No class tomorrow, which means i can sleep in!!!!

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