Thursday, May 12, 2011

(115)One-Day Break from School

So now that today is tomorrow, what did i do yesterday?
(FYI: I didn't have any class today!)
woke up at 8am
grabbed a cup of coffee
went next door with my compy while still in my pjs
fed the cat and hung out there for a few hours
watched morning tv and worked on this blog
went back home
watched one tree hill online
got lunch from der.
(2 orders of mini corndogs and chili cheese fries)
felt sick for a while after
watched greys anatomy
took a nap
took a shower
watched this video

(i think this is so adorable....and i apologize for the moms language)
got ready for work
worked from 4:30-10pm
had french onion soup and some nachos
got home and herbert had arrived
(herbert is my bloated belly. Basically i look 3-4 months pregnant)
talked with my mom and dad on their bed
looked for my cell phone
it ended up being in my moms purse
how it got there, neither of us know
went to bed

and that was my day. so much time wasted. but i don't even care. it is the end of the semester. everything gets put off. 

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