Monday, May 2, 2011

(106) Day and Night

This morning i slept in til 7am...impressive right. Ok not so much, but it was really nice not to get up at 6am.
Outfit #1:for school

At school:
-my first class got out early as usual
-during my break i formated a project that is due on wednesday...i hadn't even started it
Well, now it's started. I still have all of the writing portion to do.
-My other class got out a little early too. But it didn't help me out much. I had to wait around for the bus for about 20 minutes. Oh well.

ate a small snack
Put together and gathered things for my parent project presentation.
got dressed
relaxed and tried not to stress
went to the general mtg. with mom
did my presentation. It seemed to go well.

 Outfit #2: Presentation

Bought Carl's jr on the way home: Santa Fe chicken sandwich
changed into PJs
ate dinner
turning in for the night just after 10pm

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