Sunday, May 22, 2011

(125) Not the greatest of days

Last night after finishing the day 124 post....
...i got ready for bed
....put all of my clothes away that were on my bed
....changed my bedding
...vacuumed up the dust around my bed
....had a really bad allergy attack
...couldn't breathe well...was wheezing and coughing for the next hour+
...(not a cool way to end the day)
...went downstairs to avoid the dust
...continued wheezing and coughing
...fell asleep on the couch watching glee
...woke up at 2am and went up to bed

I woke up this morning at 10am
I could have stayed in bed for hours longer, but i had to start the day
had a cup of coffee 
turned on the glee marathon on oxygen
cleaned out containers that had all of my school stuff in it
came across some brochures and business cards...made this post
drank more coffee and ate 3 andes mints that i found in one of the containers
ate periodically...picked up some stuff around the house...tried gathering things i need for new zealand
did laundry
took a shower
continued watching the glee marathon
got ready for work
worked from 4-11:30
It was a crazy night...and not as in crazy good
it was hectic and busy and overwhelming
i consistently had 8 tables...i would normally have 5 at a time on a saturday
my sales were over $1100
my body ached and i was so ready for the night to be dragged on
i ended up making less than 10% in tips, but not by much
i made more than i expected. (there were a lot of no tips or really crummy tips)
It all worked out and i was so happy when my shift was over.
i got home and vented to my parents
then i went outside and saw debbie and travis out riding bikes
i fed the cat next door
Heard people yelling outside...always interesting to hear midnight arguments
now im going to wash up and go to bed

oh and the world didn't end today...thanks God for making everything in your timing... :)
I love that He is in control

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