Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(108) Projects and Procrastination

I have been a very bad student this week.
Yesterday it was that i didn't start a project until the day before it was due. Today i had to finish that project which meant i couldn't make it to my first class.
Apparently i didn't learn my lesson. Today i still had to do a project (2 micro-teaching assignments) that are due tomorrow. I currently have one of them done. So that means that i still have one left. Of course i am really tired and don't want to stay up any later. WHY do i keep putting myself in this situation? Will i ever learn to plan ahead? 

Here is how today went:
got up at 6:05
cup of coffee
magazine project
8:00 printed out the project
took a shower
For sure knew i wouldn't catch the bus and make it to class
watched glee
watched one tree hill
got dressed, hair, makeup
Outfit of the Day
ate an early lunch
walked to the bus stop
waited for a while...bus was late
got to school at 12:15
bus ride home
micro teaching project
ate early dinner
work (4-7:30)
drive thru jack and the box-strawberry soda
I love me some strawberry soda
home at 8pm
American idol
sort of worked on micro teaching 
Extreme Couponing

Here is to you learning from my bad habits. DONT Procrastinate and don't use my blog as a way to avoid your work.

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