Friday, May 6, 2011

(110) A wonderful day

I woke up a little after 8am.
Had a very relaxing morning.
It was so nice to have the morning to myself and not have to be anywhere for some time.
Outfit of the day:
Note: I ended up switching out the brown shorts for dark jeans. 
It was cooler weather than i anticipated.

At 12:40 I left to catch the bus to school
It was my last day of friday class. (A bitter-sweet day)
2 groups presented their parent programs.
I gave a summary of how my parent program went. I made a powerpoint with photos but we couldn't get the projector to work. So i made due without it.
Around 4:30 mom picked me up and we spent the evening having girl time.
manicure (mom) and Pedicures (both of us)

Target to look for white dresses for our family photo shoot tomorrow.
dinner at wok & sushi roll....formerly chopstick express
Marshall's: found a dress. me and mom have joint custody of it
Kohl's: found a white dress!
got home around 10pm.
Showed dad the purchases.
The whole family went through what they would be wearing tomorrow.

Today was so wonderful. Wow that is two good days in a row. Im on a roll. I hope tomorrow continues the good streak. 

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