Friday, May 20, 2011

(124) It's Official

I woke up at 5:35 this morning
thankfully it wasn't dark outside
a drank coffee and crammed in some more information into my brain
i left for the bus stop at 6:45
I got to school at 7:15
i went to the student union to try to get some last minute information absorbed for my final
class/the final was at 8am
the professor decided we had done enough writing for his class, so we didn't have any short response questions. PTL.
I was out of class by 8:20
sold a book back and got $20 cash
rode the bus
got village cafe for breakfast (take-out)
was home by 9:10am

I am officially on summer vacation

i watched morning shows, greys anatomy, and the american idol results show
then i got to business: tackling my room
i put on some music and started cleaning up
i got hungry about 40 minutes in
i ate my pancakes
never made it back to my room
instead the tv went back on
and i fell asleep
the rest of the evening was wasted on relaxing and enjoying this semester being over.

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