Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(11) I Know Them

In case you haven't noticed, every morning is going to follow the same routine. In case you didn't realize that or don't know what that entails, well this small blurb is for you. 
(wake up while its dark outside- either 6 or 5:30, drink coffee, get dressed, eat breakfast, gather school stuff, pack a lunch, walk to the bus stop)

Todays Outfit (and Velcro)
(It's funny to watch my room get progressively messier through each photo)
Todays class schedule and commentary:
-Mr. Mutton Chops let us out early, so after class i spent some time chatting with a classmate (the one person i knew in that class) until she had to go to her next class.
-11:50 i went on a hunt to find a fork (of course i forgot to bring one) and found one at el pollo loco in the student union.
-while headed to the fcs lounge i ran into Travis and Debbie, and chose to ditch my loner plan. We headed to the bookstore-i was able to buy the last packet I needed for a class.
-We then headed back to the student union to eat. And who did we find in the courtyard??? Eddie and Kyle. It was a wonderful bethany people hang out time.
-I headed over to class around 12. Last time she started 10 minutes early, today she got there 5 minutes late, I'm sure someday in the future she'll get the time right.

I got home today around 2:15.
 It was so nice to know that i was home for the day and didn't have to be anywhere later on. 
I caught up on the shows that had been recorded and hadn't had time to watch earlier in the week. 
So i watched: Gossip Girl (don't judge me for my guilty pleasure awful yet wonderful show) and Teen Mom 2 (i can justify watching it-it relates to my major). Then I turned on glee and took a nap (and that was not to say that glee is boring, its not, and its one of my favorite shows- i normally wouldn't sleep through it, but i was exhausted).

The rest of the night involved eating dinner and watching TV and trying to stay awake.(i can't take too many naps or i won't be able to sleep tonight-and that would be awful)

Tomorrow i look forward to sleeping in a half hour longer. Oh the simple joys in life and not needing to shower on a daily basis.

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