Monday, January 31, 2011

(16) Just Another Day of School

I got to semi sleep in today. This means that my alarm went off at 6am and i got to hit snooze every 5 minutes until 6:25. 

The usual get ready routine followed after rolling out of bed. (i really do literally roll out of bed. I find it fun and it takes less effort than sitting up and scooting off the edge of my tall bed.)

Walked to the bus stop. It was a beautiful morning. It was cold out but the sun was nice and warm. It was neat to see steam rising off the pavement, cars, and buildings.

I got to school and had about an hour until class started. Well i got the rest of the first chapter of my textbook read. Once class got out I went to the bookstore with one of my friends who needed to buy her textbooks. I then headed to the courtyard and ate lunch and read the majority of ch 2 of my textbook. My next class was at 12:30 and finished at 1:45. I barely made it through. I was tired, zoning out, nearly falling asleep, needed to use the restroom, and I was hungry. Clearly I survived that class but it wasn't easy. I took the bus home and was so happy to be done with school for the day.

I was sitting at home for maybe 15 minutes when I got a call from mom. We were going to target and sam's club. Several hours later we were back home. I ate dinner and then worked on some homework.

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