Monday, January 24, 2011

(9) Hello again school

Alarm goes off. Immediately i turn over, hit dismiss, and get out of bed. No snoozing allowed today.
I took a shower. By the time i got out, the sun was beginning to rise, and the sky looked beautiful.(it made being up this early almost worth it. I grabbed my coffee and headed to my room.

Got dressed. And of course the challenge of what to wear had arrived. I resorted to wearing my pink striped shirt and my go to pair of jeans. (later, once i was thinking straight, i added a scarf and jacket)  After that dilemma i moved onto something much more simple, and did my make up.
Todays Outfit
Photo not entirely accurate: I ended up changing into moccasins right before i left
back downstairs. Breakfast time: special k with berries cereal
sometime between 7 and 7:45...
I finished getting ready
double checked that everything was packed
reviewed the bus schedule
brushed my teeth
took a deep breath-reminding myself that i really had to go to school
headed out the door and walked to the bus stop.
I was pleased that the bus arrived on time-i didn't have to wait around for it.
Class didn't start til 9:30, so i had an hour of time to waste. A good 20min. of it involved walking to the VEC building(which is in lower campus and really far)  and then trying to find the classroom. (the teacher had a hard time finding it too-he ended up being 5 minutes late to class)
Also in that time, I got my schedule copied into my planner, found the restroom, ate an apple (not in the restroom, ewww), and chatted with a classmate from last semester. She is also in my 9:30 class. I was so happy to know somebody.

Since it was the first day, the professor went over the syllabus and requirements and then dismissed us. This meant even more spare time before my next class. I went to the bookstore and picked up my textbook-the only one i had to buy at full price-the rest i bought online or am borrowing. I waited in the long checkout line, which i didn't mind one bit. It occupied my spare time and I love people watching and overhearing peoples conversations. (is eavesdropping bad???? well if they don't want people to hear it, they shouldn't talk so loud or openly). Once i paid for my book I headed to some tables outside and ate my lunch, read an InStyle magazine article, listened to music, and read one third of the first chapter in the textbook i had just purchased.

My next class was at 12:30.
The professor got to the room early and started her introduction of herself and the course 10 minutes before class had officially begun. It worked in my favor. Class was out by 12:50 so i was able to catch the 12:55 bus.

It was a fairly short and sweat kind of school day.
I think I'm going to enjoy this semester.

 I got home and checked the mailbox. Inside were two packages addressed to me. My last two textbooks had arrived!
Shortly after getting home I got a phone call from Krissi and a few hours later (around 4pm) we got to hang out.
So what did we do?
-went to cha for tea and each got a large, iced, almond black milk tea with boba, and as always we each picked out the color straw that best matched what we were wearing. (does anyone else do this?)
-went to copypro to pick up a reading packet for my class. They had to print it out- so i used my debit card and paid for the packet, and it was ready a few minutes later. But it wasn't the right one. They gave me cash back and informed me that the packet wasn't going to be ready for a few more days. This is the price I pay to try to be on top of things instead of procrastinating.
-had tacos at Krissi's house
-made a list of free and low cost things to do in long beach. (we never know what to do or where to go, so now we are prepared for future hang outs)
Watched The Bachelor
Or is it the Michelle Show? I am hearing way too much from her. Seriously, a black eye? I am pretty sure she did it to herself for more attention. She is psycho. Get her off the show.

I will be getting to bed even earlier tonight since i have to be at the bus stop at 7am tomorrow.

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