Thursday, January 27, 2011

(12) Change of Plans

Let me start off by saying that my extra 30 minutes of sleep this morning was amazing and definitely needed and appreciated.
The rest of my morning routine was the same as any other day, but instead of taking the bus, mom took me to school on her way to work.

Todays Outfit

Todays Schedule

-Read half of a chapter in my Marriage and Families texbook before class started.
-Class got out at 10:20 (25 minutes early) This meant even more extra time.
-During this 3+ hour break between class I...
*finished reading chapter one of my textbook
*ate lunch (apple, PB&J, and snap peas)
*played solitaire on my ipod
*listened to music
*met up with Corttni and chatted then we went to the library and to the fcs building.
-I went to class and that got out 20 minutes later. (I love waiting 3 hours for a class that only lasts for 20 minutes....NOT)
-I was able to catch the bus right away (i guess that was one good thing about getting out early)
-I picked up food at El Burrito Jr. and then continued my walk home.

I was supposed to have my New Zealand study abroad meeting today at 6pm, but that was postponed until sometime next week. (The professor who is leading the group is in India-her father passed away and is taking care of things with her family-and won't be back for a few days)
Since I don't have a meeting tonight I am able to go to college group at church.

Here is an inside look at what i need to conquer in the near future, sometime before it takes over my room:

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