Tuesday, January 25, 2011

(10) A long day

I woke up at 5:30. This is way too early. Life should not exist at this time. 
I managed to pull myself out of bed and function enough to get dressed and make it downstairs.
The usual morning pre school routine happened.
Todays Outfit

(I am so happy that the sun comes up just in time for me to go outside.) I left the house and walked to the bus stop.
I got to school around 7:20 and had 40 minutes which gave me plenty of time to get to class and get settled in.
Class let out at 9:15. I rushed to the other side of campus and made it to my 9:30 class with 5 minutes to spare. 
That class only lasted for about 20 minutes.
This left me with nearly 4 hours before my next class started.
I used my spare time to:
-view my academic progress through walk in advising
-eat lunch
-catch up on reading blogs
-catch up with Kathryn (who found me in the fcs building)
-work on part of this blog post
Luckily the time went bye fairly quick.
My next class started at 2pm. We were out of class by 2:15.
My mom was able to pick me up on the way home, which meant I didn't have to stand around and wait for the bus!!!! We picked up rascals and were home around 2:50.
I ate some food, turned on Greys anatomy, and then took a much needed nap. Around 4pm i started getting ready for work.
I worked from 5:30-10:40. It was a decent shift. Nothing too out of the ordinary or extraordinary happened. I was so happy to get home. My body was exhausted.

What i realized today:
Tuesdays are going to be really long, tiring days, but I can handle it since it will only be for 6 more weeks.

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