Saturday, January 29, 2011

(14) My Apologies

I have a secret to tell you.
I normally work on my blog posts periodically throughout the day.
Today I didn't. Therefor I don't really remember what happened.

I'll give it my best shot.

-Woke up at 9:10 and had coffee
-Browsed the internet while watching tv (i don't remember what it was)
-Came up with and worked on the table decorations for the college group valentines day dinner
-Watched a rowing competition
-went to work at 4pm
-Got to see Amber Riley (mercedes from glee)-she was with her mom. I didn't take a picture with her or even say hi for that matter. But it was so exciting to see her. (It's the second time she has come in to eat)
-Had a party of 20 teenagers (it was 2 peoples 17th birthday) who actually tipped well
-got off work at 10:15 and made 15% in tips

Well I think that was most of it. I'm sure it was the boring stuff that I forgot to include. So you all should be thanking me-you don't have to read about nonsense.

Oh and I'm still sore from my workout yesterday. I was expecting my legs to hurt, but no its my abs that are killing me. It's a good pain.
And tomorrow I think I'll work them out even more.

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