Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(4) Things Are Looking Up

Off to a late start
Woke Up and 10minutes later got out of bed
Background TV: E! News
Checked emails, messages, facebook, twitter, etsy
(I got a message from a seller on etsy who's item i featured in my treasury "Caught Red Handled"
Here is what she had to say: 
Thank you so much for including us in your great treasury!! What a wonderful theme.
Have a great one!! (You really made my day, I am sitting home all sore and brusied. Was in an auto accident yesterday with my brand new car. Not feeling the best until I saw your treasury) I feel much more cheerful now!!!

I felt so blessed to hear that something I created brightened someone's day.)
More Coffee
Watched last nights episode of Parenthood
My List of blogs that I explore daily
While viewing some blogs, i came across an online clothing shop. It is similar to ModCloth, but the prices are more reasonable. It's called Ruche and you should check it out.
Hair and makeup
Braided Bun
Todays Outfit

Dr.'s Appt.
Yes, they made me wear a mask
I had Dr. Megan O'Bryan treating me today. She was so wonderful and so much better than my usual physician. The bad news is she's only there because one doctor left and mine is on maternity leave. That means I can't have her as my doctor all the time.
Here is what makes her so great:
-She speaks perfect english (my other Dr. is from India)
-She is really sweet and friendly.
-She apologized about the check in people making me wear a mask, and said she wouldn't have made me wear it.
-She examined my ears and found mucous behind my eardrums, she found a swollen lymph node, and she discovered that my tonsils aren't visible (which she had never seen in any of her patients before-she thought I had them removed, I didn't).
-She was surprised that my doctor hadn't prescribed me anything two weeks ago when I was in.
-She prescribed me antibiotics and nasal spray!!!!!! I am finally going to get better after 2 1/2 months.
Oh I also got an HPV shot, so now I have one sore arm.
This was a wonderful Doctor visit.
Watched Reruns of Parenthood and ate dinner(grilled cheese and soup)
Took my antibiotics
An added bonus: my nasal spray smells like flowers
Treasure Hunting 
Find your treasure

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