Saturday, January 22, 2011

(7) Joys of Being Home

I woke up multiple times this morning. I would look at the clock, close my eyes, and roll over. (It was my last morning to sleep in before school starts on monday, so I think I was trying to milk it) Eventually I woke up for good. I got out of bed at 10:34.

I got into the kitchen and there was a full pot of coffee ready. I was a happy girl. I chose to use the biggest mug i own. (Owl mug-the one that is the size of my head)

TV: watched a rerun of Sarah's House
(which leads to....)
I have so many design/decorating ideas that i want to put into a house. I just have to wait. Or, could somebody buy me a house and give me lots of money for decorating? Cause i think that sounds like a great plan.
I got a blog post up at welcome to my closet
Todays Hairstyle
Its a combination of tuesday and thursdays hairdo
Braided Bun and braids on the side
(Picture taken after work)
I left for work at 3:30pm and got home a little after 11pm. The shift started fine, aside from having weak, achy legs, and my first table not tipping. Most of the shift went smooth (i was in a good mood, had nice tables, decent tips). At some point without my notice, things changed. By the end of the night my sales were almost $600 dollars and I had only made $54 in tips (=9.3%). I had to accept the concept of you win some, you lose some. Today was a lose some kind of day. And in my mind that deserved a glass of wine upon arriving home.
(the joy of being 21-almost 22)

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