Tuesday, February 1, 2011

(17) Hello exhaustion

5:30 am
It was another tuesday morning rude awakening. I can't wait for this 8am class to be over.
6:20 am
Breakfast: Banana and oatmeal
Bus ride to school
Finished a homework assignment on the bus.

I had two classes between 8 and 10:45

After that section of classes I hit the gym.
stepper/ elliptical-10 min.
bicycle-20 min.
elliptical-10 min.
Ball/ Pilates-8 min
treadmill- 5 minutes
I finished my work out and heated up my food and ate outside where there was a nice cool breeze.

I had a good hour and a half until class started.
I attempted to read my textbook, but couldn't get myself to do it. I was exhausted and chose to take a nap instead. It wasn't much of a nap, it was more of a lay my head down and close my eyes. But that was soothing none the less. A little while later i went to the lounge and bought some snacks (snickers and peanut m&m's) from the vending machine-yah probably not the best decision...Oh well.
Class started at 2 and let out a little after 3. Mom was able to pick me up from school and we headed home.
I got home and started cooking. I made dinner so that when i went on break at work i wouldn't have to buy something there.
I made angel hair pasta with a yellow cherry tomato, fresh basil, pine nut, and garlic caesar dressing sauce.

I changed my clothes, redid my makeup, and my hair. I only had 30 minutes left before i went to work. I was so tired and didn't want to go to work. But of course i had to go, and i went.

Guess what....... I didn't have to close tonight. This meant that i didn't have a chance to eat my dinner-no break-no time for food. But this also meant that i didn't have to be at work late. Instead i was home a little after 9 (almost 2 hours earlier than when i close). It was such a relief.
Now i can get some reading done for my classes tomorrow. Or maybe i will just use this extra time to go to bed early and leave the reading for my free time before and between classes tomorrow.

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