Thursday, February 10, 2011

(26) What A Wonderful Day

I got to school around 8:15 this morning and headed straight to the lounge. I knew I would have time before class, and long break after class, so i decided to bring my laptop. This was a very wise decision. I watched one tree hill online and then i checked my email before heading over to class. I had a message from my professor. Class is cancelled today. As great as this news was, it meant that i had an extra hour and a half of nothing to do. I chose to use this spare time not so wisely. I watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy and started working on this post. The wise choice would have been to read ch 4 in my textbook and study, you know the academic stuff. I opted for doing the exact opposite.

Todays to do list:
1. eat lunch
2. pick up the see's candy order from dr. Medora's office
3. give the candy to my mom to take home
4. grab my change of clothes (for the Valentine dinner) from moms car
5. go to the passport office
6. go to class at 2pm
7. walk over to Rachel's house
8. decorate for the v-day dinner
9. finish the center pieces

How my to do list panned out:
1. ate at panda express
2. picked up the see's candy orders and they filled two very large bags. While i was in Dr. Medora's office, i had her add family life education as my second major and also got my electives picked out and made official.
3. mom picked up the candy
4. I grabbed my pink sling bag containing my change of clothes and hauled it with me wherever i went
5. I went to the passport office: i recopied my application in black pen (blue isn't good enough), took my passport photo, and then found out that i have to pay with check or money order. SO that means i get to go back on monday at 2 to really apply for my passport and this time i will have the proper payment method.
6. had class and nearly fell asleep
7. I walked to rachel's house (got there by 3:30) and realized i probably looked homeless. I had my backpack on and had my bag slung over shoulder. Being really weighed down with stuff is not a good look
8. The house got decorated and looked amazing if i do say so myself
9. I finished the centerpieces and they turned out just as good as i had hoped

Valentine Dinner
This year the girls hosted it for the guys. We all worked together wonderfully and everyone pitched in and helped it run smoothly. I think the guys had a great time. They definitely enjoyed the photo booth that we set up. This one went much better than our sports theme dinner we did a couple years ago. Formal is always better.

Here are some of the photos from the dinner:
Getting things ready:
Table Decorations:
Photo Booth:

I got home around 10:30 after being away since 7:45 this morning. It has been a long day, but it was a good one. I watched Grey's Anatomy and then headed up to bed. I am so exhausted.

P.S. I am working on a Valentines day clothing post for Welcome to My closet. Just something to look forward to.

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