Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(38) Longest day ever

So between the hours of 6:50 am and 11:50 pm I have only been home for 45 minutes. That time was used to eat and then get dressed for work. 
Let me just say it, "I am exhausted." My whole body aches, my feet hurt, and i don't even want to think about having to go to school tomorrow, let alone having to have read certain chapters and have things due.
Can I please just have a free day???
I suppose that isn't really possible. But i wish it could happen.

Today at school, during my 3hr break, i was able to work on my paper that is due tomorrow(today since its after midnight). I had to enlist the help of a little pick me up, after falling asleep in the lounge.
My Hazelnut Latte did the trick and i was able to get the majority of the paper written. Now all that is left is editing and embellishing some of the paragraphs and writing the conclusion.
I think that will have to wait til the morning.

I worked from 5-11:30 today
And now im ready to go to bed. 
I almost didn't blog today and figured i could do it tomorrow. I figured i wouldn't remember anything from today to be able to blog about it tomorrow.

Ok im done. GOODNIGHT. or morning. Oh my gosh its late, i am going to be a zombie tomorrow.

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