Wednesday, February 16, 2011

(32) ☂☁ Rain, I love you ☁ ☂

I love rainy days.
Today I sported my blue rain boots, pink and green umbrella, and my new grey wool coat.

I spent my time before class in the student union enjoying the rain, listening to music (Taylor Swift), and reading an article for a class.

After class my classmate Kristen and I headed over to coffee bean to get some coffee. I finally got to use one of the many gift cards i have for there. I ordered a hazelnut latte. It was delicious. 

The rest of the school day included:
-more reading
-lunch: $1 hamburger from Carl's Jr.
-class and forming groups for a group project
-riding the bus home

At Home:
-Sang some glee karaoke-its not as much fun without friends
-At more: steak and mushrooms and strawberry pie
-watched: The Bachelor, parenthood
-I fell asleep during parenthood-it ended up being an hour long nap
-I woke up and went to my room and fell asleep again for another 1/2 hour or more
-I eventually got up for good. But that didn't happen until my mom was calling up at me from the bottom of the stairs. (we were about to leave to go to dinner)-i was a zombie until we sat down at the table.
-Dinner: CPK fundraiser
-Back home-watched American Idol

Side note: I have eaten so much today. I am finally going to get back to gym tomorrow.

I just checked my ipod shuffle to see if it is working.
GOOD NEWS, Lil Pod is alive and well. (and yes I named my ipod-don't judge me)

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