Saturday, February 5, 2011

(21) Next day please

It's February 5th and that means its Emily's Birthday. This also means that my birthday is one week and one day away.
Happy Birthday to my best friend and thanks for 20 years of friendship and sisterhood.

Last night I spent the night at Erin's house.
this morning I woke upt 10 am.
We watched:
Such a good romantic comedy.

I went home a little bit before 12.
I brewed a pot of coffee then hopped in the shower.
I put comfy clothes back on and tried to get my school stuff organized.
-I wrote all of the due dates in my planner.
-I printed out notes and assignments
-I organized my binders and notebooks
All of those things needed to be done, but i should have been working on my trend analysis paper. (I am a great productive procrastinator)  
I ate lunch around two and then got ready for work.

Shaun and Sarah took me to work at 3:30. My stomach was hurting from lunch and I really didn't want to be at work. One of my first tables was 6 teenagers who got separate checks and didn't leave a tip. Around that same time i had a table of 4 people and their bill was almost $70 and they left me less than 10%. Everything was going wrong and on top of that i was feeling really out of it, dizzy, and weak. By 5:30 i was feeling awful and i had a really difficult table who clearly didn't like me. I had hit the breaking point. I went to the back and full on broke down. This had never happened at work before. It was so embarrassing to be crying and having co-workers coming up and asking me what was wrong. I almost got myself under control. I asked one of the hosts to keep an eye on my tables, and then i broke into sobs again. One of my managers came to the back to check on me. She got me a glass of water and said that if I wanted to go home I could. I couldn't get my emotions under control and chose to go home. I was so happy to be able to get out of there. By 6:45 I was home, still emotional, but was able to start calming down. I changed into sweat pants and made a pot of rice (my ultimate comfort food). I lounged on the couch for the rest of the night watching the Glee (my happy place) marathon on oxygen.

I am definitely ready for today to be over and to have a fresh start tomorrow.

Today's Theme Song:

Worked on a blog post for Welcome to My Closet:

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