Thursday, February 24, 2011

(40) Not Again

So i think i am sick yet again.
This morning my ears hurt and i just felt funny.
I was barely with it in my 9:30 class. It was hard to hold my head up. I just stared at my paper and doodled while my teacher spoke. At least i was awake enough to keep up with the notes.
I went to the lounge and couldn't keep my eyes open.
Then i went to the career development center to work on an assignment and felt so crummy.
I ate lunch and started feeling a little better.
I studied for my test that i had at two. Then went to class and felt fine. 
I came home and was feeling ok but tired.
By 5pm i was asleep on the couch. I woke up briefly off and on and didn't fully wake up until 8pm. I was having the weirdest dreams too. 
My cough started up sometime after 8. My mom looks at me and says "are you sick? You don't look very good....I mean you're cute as a bug but.." My response was a sarcastic "thanks," and then i started thinking about how bugs aren't even cute. I've never really understood that saying.

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