Monday, February 21, 2011

(37) Presidents Day: I have school

I slept in until 6:40 this morning. My bed was so warm and i was so tired, so i hit snooze 5 times and then reset my alarm so that I would have an extra 15 minutes. I got out of bed and it was freezing. I got dressed while shivering the whole time and then went downstairs and started the coffee. I looked out back and the whole workshop roof was covered in frost.

My walk to the bus stop was so quiet this morning. There were barely any cars on the road, but lots of people were at the park walking or running. It was surprising at first, but then I remembered most people don't have work today so they get to stay home. The good thing with this is the bus was right on time. 

My time at school today:
i spent my time before class in the student union working on a study guide.
i went to class for 45 minutes and then was back to study guiding it up again.
I checked my email and found out that my last two classes from lbcc had been officially transferred and added to my records.
At 12:15 i headed over to the coffee bean to meet with the people in my group project. We discovered that we have major schedule conflicts. We kept going in circles trying to pick a date and time to meet and discuss and film the project. It seems that we figured it out. SO hopefully there aren't any sudden changes.

I got home at 2:30 and continued on homework and putting my project together. My project was completed at 6:30. (and no i was not working on it that whole time. Probably just and hour or 2 if that)

Emily and Krissi came over around 7:45 and we watched the Bachelor with my parents. It is Emily's last night in town so we are all just hanging out together and working on homework. Yah we are really exciting people.

I should probably go to bed soon because 5:30 is going to come way too fast.
But after tomorrow there are only 2 more early morning days.
It is definitely something to look forward to.

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