Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(25) ♫ Ohh We're half way there, Woah Livin' on a prayer

Half way through the school week. 

Here is what happened today:
-filled out my passport application
-9:30 class(prenatal development and infancy)
-Sat in the lounge and listened to music and played solitaire on my ipod
-Had my TB test read
-ate lunch
-12:30 class (approaches to adulthood through aging)
-bus ride
-chronic tacos
-Target: replaced my missing sunglasses
-Watched: The last 1/2 of the Bachelor, Teen Mom 2
-ran errands: Trader Joe's, Staples, dropped things off at Erin's, Vons
-put groceries away
-tried on outfits for the valentines dinner
-ate dinner and had 2 glasses of wine
-watched parenthood
-worked on homework

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