Friday, February 4, 2011

(20) Can you tell i'm excited

I got to sleep in til 8 today. Of course i didn't go to bed until one, so really i got the same amount of sleep that i always get. At least it was sunny when i woke up.

I sat up in bed and pulled out my laptop. I wanted to look up all the fun things i will be doing in New Zealand. I looked up the spa listings and photos-It is so BEAUTIFUL. I just have 4 months of waiting left.
I was also looking at the itinerary and finding those places and activities in my Lonely Planet Discover New Zealand book that Emily got me for Christmas. Basically every amazing photo i see in the book-I get to go there. 
The best part about the trip, aside from how wonderful and beautiful it will be, is that it counts as the directed study or internship requirement. This means instead of having to do 2 internships for my double major, i will only have to do one. Graduation is looking tangible sooner than i thought.

Here are the days activities:
-small group bible study
-bus ride with the nicest most amazing bus driver (in Long Beach) ever
-class (parent education)
-gym (4-6:45)-erin met up with me and then julie and eddie showed up about an hour later.
(we didn't actually work out for 2hrs 45 minutes. It was probably more like 1 hr 45 minutes)
-Dinner at souplantation w/ erin, julie, joel, eddie
-Sleep over at erin's, that way neither of us are home alone

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