Friday, February 11, 2011

(27) Ups and downs

I got up at 9am this morning. I finally got to sleep in and catch up on my sleep and just rest.
I enjoyed two cups of coffee and tried not to think about having class later.
That didn't work out too well, but i was able to enjoy my relaxing morning.

I had class at 2pm. We are starting a group project so we formed our groups today. I was content with who was included in mine until one other person asked to join. We all kinda looked at each other unsure of what to do. We said yah go ahead. We started discussing the assignment and everything went downhill from there. This person would not go along with any of our plans, was being difficult, wanted to change the age focus, the theme, and had a different opinion on everything. The rest of us just looked at each other with frustrated faces as we rolled our eyes. I really wanted to say "if you don't want to go along with what the rest of us have decided, you can find a new group." Of course i didn't say this and i really regret it. I was so frustrated and annoyed during the rest of class.
We took notes from the powerpoint and the watched the movie Babies. -I had seen it before and didn't feel like being in class any longer. Thankfully the dvd had been having problems and we only were able to watch the first 45 minutes before it froze. I was so relieved to get to leave.

I got home around 3:50 and was still fuming- i don't know what is going on with my emotions lately, but i don't like it
ate a sandwich
i don't know what happened before dinner- my afternoon/evening is a blur, but i do remember this:
Listened to an upcoming Glee song- One of my favorites from Rent
Ate tacos for dinner- we ate at the table as a family+ Sarah (brothers girlfriend)
(this doesn't happen very often) 
Then we pulled out shaun's box of photos (this included baby pictures and awful school photos)
TV: off the map
say yes to the dress
tonight i also tried to figure out the classes i need to take and what semesters they have to be taken. It is crazy knowing that i only have 12 classes left including internships. 
TV: 20/20 Wrong Turn

Tomorrow will involve cleaning and going to work. Uhh... i really don't want tomorrow to come. Can i just skip saturday and move straight to sunday. If only things worked that way.

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