Monday, February 28, 2011

(44) The simple, funny things in life

My morning started off with me going in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and my dad telling me "your clothes don't match." i replied, "i know they're just pajamas so it doesn't matter." He explained, "its not very often that i am able to tell you that, so i had to say it." The things my dad tells me just crack me up sometimes. Even yesterday he had me chuckling when he said "your pony tail looks cute." I don't think he has ever said my hair looked "cute" let alone something as basic as a pony tail.

Anyways, i got dressed and of course was matching or at least coordinating.
I got all of the reading done at school that needed to be finished today. I had an easy day of classes and came home to a very friendly cat.
Velcro decided i was the perfect place to sit and then proceeded to lick me
she semi settled in but it wasn't working for me.
finally almost comfortable
Both of us completely settled in
 A little while later i headed downstairs and watched some tv. Then i went grocery shopping with mom. After that i worked more on my study guide and finished a homework assignment. Then it was time for dinner (homemade mac n cheese and cabbage with turkey sausage, and a glass of wine)
I watched the Bachelor and now its time to go to bed.
I am going to attempt to get plenty of sleep so that i can stay awake during my test tomorrow.

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