Thursday, February 3, 2011

(19) It's been quite the day

woke up got ready, you know the routine.

Quite the surprise:
I was on the bus and about half way to school. The bus picked someone up at the bus stop by target. Something just didn't seem right. The doors had opened and the man wasn't coming inside. The driver had to signal him to enter. He put his coins in the machine and began walking toward the back of the bus, and i recognized the orange bag he was carrying. I knew instantly why i was feeling uneasy. He was the same man who was in Denny's about two months ago, the who was talking to himself and then became angry and began threatening people and becoming verbally violent. He was the person who i thought could possibly destroy everyones' life in Denny's. Yeah, it was a terrifying night and a very uncomfortable bus ride. I had my headphones in my ears and i could hear him mumbling to himself. I spent the rest of the ride to school (the longest 5 minutes of my life) praying to stay calm, to not panic, to trust that God would protect me, that this man would not become violent or verbally abusive, and that everyone on the bus would be safe. I was so relieved when the bus pulled onto campus and i could get out of that fear.

The rest of the day was normal.
I read before class. Got out of class early. Went to the gym and worked out for 80 minutes. Ate lunch. Bought an online access code at the bookstore. Met with the professor leading the New Zealand study abroad trip. Went to class. Rode the bus home (the earlier bus ride never crossed my mind). Took a shower. Got dressed. Watched a little tv. Spent time with my mom, aunt, and cousin. Went to the New Zealand orientation meeting. Went to church, had a brief meeting about the v-day dinner. Had car chat with erin. Watched Grey's Anatomy. Uploaded pictures of "the fab 4" photoshoot thing from january.
I Love My Friends

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