Saturday, February 12, 2011

(28) Birthday Eve

Today was my last day of being 21

-I woke up at 10:10
-I had two large cups of coffee 
-Ate breakfast sometime between the cups of coffee
-cleaned up the living room
-took a break and spent some time on the computer
Background Music
-went outside and enjoyed the warm sun
-finished picking up the living room
-took a shower and got ready for work
-ate a late lunch, early dinner (tacos-they were delicious)

3:30 left for work
It was a busy night. Overall I had really good tables. I made 14% in tips, which wound up being over $100-So happy early birthday to me. I was at work past closing and got home at 11:20. 

And now I am headed off to bed. And when i wake up in the morning I will be 22.

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