Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(24) Yet another Jam packed day

It was another early morning(5am) with not a lot of sleep(less than 5hrs)
I had class at 8am
then had class at 9:30.
After class i went to taco bell and grabbed some food.
Then i sat in the booth and fell asleep.
I realized it wasn't a very comfortable place to sleep so i moved to the student union lounge. I attempted to read for class my next class but my eyes wouldn't stay open. I took a 25 minute nap. It was wonderful.
I realized i wouldn't be very productive just sitting somewhere. I headed over to the fcs building and turned in my fundraising money. Dr. Medora was overjoyed with how much had been raised. She sent me on my way with a box of lollypops and chocolate bars to sell.
I sat around in the fcs building, trying to stay awake,  until my 2pm class started.
Mom picked me up from school and we picked up food at Rascals.
I ate and watched part of monday nights episode of the Bachelor.
I got ready for work.
Worked from 5:30-10ish
Got home and watched Glee!!!!
purchased music 

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