Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(18) Catch Up

6am the alarm went off and my fingers chose the snooze button. I allowed myself 10 extra minutes of sleep and then I got up and showered.

It was just another school day
-read before class started
-went to class
-went to get a TB test and found out they only do them on mondays and tuesdays. Lame.
-ate lunch (at 10:45-my eating schedule is all thrown off)
-continued reading
-went to class
-rode the bus home

Playing catch up:
I watch way too many tv shows. So many that i dvr them and have to catch some online. Today i was catching up with some of monday and tuesdays shows.
Including: Parenthood, Gossip Girl, Teen Mom 2
I still need to watch one tree hill online
This tv time also gave me a chance to catch up on my sleep. I took a nap during parenthood, which means i have to re-watch part of it.

I have turned into an after school bum:

I have been lazing (is that a word? lazy and laying?) around since 2:30. I think its time to do some studying. Although that might lead to more napping. I guess i should risk it.

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