Sunday, February 27, 2011

(42) Gearing Up for March

I slept in 'til 10 this morning. It was delightful and much needed.
I started my morning off with coffee and immediately started working on a study guide for a test i have on tuesday.
I got a few questions in and then switched over to planning/organizing mode. I created calendars for the next three months and color coded all of my classes with everything that is due and with all of my exams. In the month of march, I only have 5 school days where there isn't a test, presentation, or assignment due. 
Trying to keep my sanity is going to be difficult but at least I know what's ahead.

At 3:30 I left for work and started my shift at 4.
I had a really good night. My break came at a great time (i had just got sat a table I didn't like and i was hungry and able to eat)
I still had food left over. I took packaging my food as an opportunity for my creative outlet for the day.
Yes, i did have to write on the box to make sure my food didn't get thrown out.
I got off work at 11pm. I had made $80 tonight- around 12%. Not too shabby.
I got home around 11:30 and then watched an animal planet show called Must Love Cats. I already love cats and it was so great to see so many cute kitties and see just how many people care about them and for them. (ok some of these people are quite weird and over the top. FYI i am not one of those cat lovers)

Now I will attempt to go to bed. Which, if you recall from other saturday nights, is quite a challenge. 
And like always i had iced tea tonight-so my chances for falling asleep soon are very slim. I will do my best to get some sleep.

Got some free music on should get them while they're still free.
Went to sleep around 2am

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